We are a fee-based financial advisory firm.  We work with families, local businesses, and non-profits.  What defines us is our customer service.  We always put our clients' interests first.  We are not beholden to anyone but our clients.  Serving them is our honor.  Without our clients, we would not have a job.  And we happen to have the nicest clients around.  

The financial world is changing right now.  We welcome the change.  It will allow us to grow and expand as people recognize that a fee-based, client-focused approach might be best for their situation.  

We are not in a hurry to hire just anyone, we are patiently waiting for the right candidates who will fit our style, our culture, and our team.  

Sound intriguing?  Click on the positions below to learn more.  If interested, send us your resume and cover letter to info@smalleyinvestments.com.  

Licensed Customer Service Specialist


Service Advisor

Producing Advisor